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Watermelon Sour
Space Rations
Muscles From Brussels
Hitchhike Keviek
Nickles & Dimes
Calm Currents

A relatively novel modern style, the innovation of American kettle sours have become the standard method of producing a modern sour beer in a short period of time, and without contaminating the rest of a brewery with souring organisms.

Kettle sours are typically thin, refreshing,with low bitterness, and a bold, strong lactic sour taste as the the foundational flavor. Various fruits are often used to add an additional dimension to the intense sour character. The Watermelon adds the perfect taste of sweet and sour, quenching your thirst with a sessionable, lower alcohol beer.

The use of Kveik yeast further drives the innovative design this particular interpretation, adding another dimension to the already complex profile.

A blend of both India Pale Ale and Nordic Farmhouse Kviek, this marriage takes advantage of the relatively clean ferment of Escarpment Labs’ ‘Krispy’ strain, comparing it to the typical ‘Cali-Ale’ strain used in a west coast style IPA.

‘West Coast’ otherwise implies
relatively dry, bitter, heavily burtonized, and the big ‘C’ hops taking centre stage.

Our High ABV beer is not for the faint of heart. The Belgian Tripel is one of the strongest styles of Abbey beers, made famous for being brewed in the same fashion the Belgian Trappist Monks did centuries ago.

Our Tripel has a creamy head derived from natural carbonation, and a pronounced candy like yeast profile derived from both the use of Belgian candi sugar or syrup, and a distinct and unique ester fingerprint profile from certain Belgian ale yeast strains.

Kveik is a broad category of beer, much like lagers or ales. Kveik strains, while existing naturally everywhere, came to common use in brewing in Scandinavia over the millennia, as the typical farmhouse culture.

This beer is an introduction to Kveik for those who have never heard of them. Krispy is the strain name selected by Escarpment Labs in Guelph, On. which produces a relatively clean, dry, lager-like profile. The addition of Juniper berries to the kettle gives it a unique flavor, similar to what you would find in some traditional Nordic beers.

The German-style dunkel is a bottom-fermented lager style beer. The word “dunkel” is German for “dark,” and this dark beer style offers beer lovers balanced flavors of chocolate, bread crust, and caramel. The perfect beer for someone who wants a nice malt forward beer, without being overly heavy.

Our Belgian IPA is similar to your standard American IPA. Both use big hop loads resulting in a highly aromatic hop character, but brewed using yeast typically found in traditional Belgian beer styles to add a distinct touch. Being a session IPA it has a lower ABV than found in most IPA's. That means it goes down easy, but does not sacrifice the full flavor you expect an IPA to deliver.


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